How to clean your computer

I am writing this article for my friends and family that always have computer issues, and don’t know how to fix them. I told my cousin today “You are like the blonde girl who can’t fix their flat tire!” We are in 2015, not 1950. There is a understanding that we all need to know some form of basic computer repair. I tend to get calls from friends and family that have issues, and I never took the time to put it into an easy to use blog post like this. Well, here it is!


I am not responsible for your lost videos, photos, documents, or what damages you do to your computer, nor do I care. This is just a blog post like the other million that you will find about this subject, but I am putting this one together so I can just send a link. I would have sent you a “let me google that for you” link on how to fix your computer, but I decided to take this time to make this post instead  :.)

I tell most people to get a Mac and leave me alone. Seriously, get a Mac, and you don’t have to deal with this crap anymore.

What does this fix?

— Maleware
— Viruses
— Annoying Popups
— Rootkits
— Small puppies
— Our dreadful phone calls

Suggestion/Heads Up: 

What I recommend doing, is having a USB thumb drive readily available. You can use this to back up all your personal information. If your computer no longer allows you to reboot, its convenient that you backed up your information PRIOR to cleaning out the maleware or virus. So, if you can.. pick up a 32GB USB (which is about $10) or a 64 GB USB (which is about $30) so you can properly back up and store your data.

First thing to do:

Turn it off. If its frozen, hold down the power button until it turns off.

Turn it on, and pressing F8 on boot

You will get what is called a Boot Menu


safemode with networking

Now you should boot into windows, but it will be in safe mode. This means it is not going to load a lot of the applications that are infecting your computer. But it will allow you to still browse the internet.

Now is the time to BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER

After you have backed up, its time to install a few tools to fix this.

Install and Scan with MALEWAREBYTES

First download  the software from or you can download direct here


After you scan, it will probably detect a bunch of crap on your computer. You will have to remove all of that. Anything that could not be removed make note of it and search Google to see if there is a toolkit specifically for that issue.


After that is done, you will have to reboot.


Microsoft makes a malware removal tool (that is suppose to work) that keeps rootkits out. Go here  download the kit, and run that.


Click Skip the details, download, install and run it.

Reset Internet Settings

This removes all the JUNK that may be in your temp folders, and any settings they may have configured in your browser.

Open Internet Explorer, click on the “gear icon[Image: icongear.jpg] in the upper right part of your browser, then click again on Internet Options.


In the “Internet Options” dialog box, click on the “Advanced” tab, then click on the “Reset” button.


In the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” section, select the “Delete personal settings” check box, then click on “Reset” button.


When Internet Explorer has completed its task, click on the “Close” button in the confirmation dialogue box. You will now  need to close your browser, and then you can open Internet Explorer again.


Now that you have reset IE, and removed the maleware, I want you to install an antivirus application.


Now, go to AVG, and install the FREE VERSION. This whole how to is free, if you paid, then you are a sucker!


You will see FREE and “trial” if you do trial, they will sell you the whole internet security suite, but you only need the free antivirus.

Install that, then run a full scan.

If it doesn’t detect anything, good! It was probably just the maleware that was causing your system issues.

Reboot the computer.


Now, go to your Windows Menu, and you can either type “Windows Update” or you can scroll up and click on it


Windows may have a bunch of updates that were disabled by what ever the infection was. Do these! they keep them from coming back!

Now, stay off those dirty websites!

Tech News City

Featured in Tech City News

I was featured in an interview for Tech City News, which is a big website with a majority of its audience coming from England.

I see some very positive feedback from people who read the article, and I really think we will see some good results from this. The interview did capture what my thoughts where on the public space and how it can be used like crowdfunding to properly get off the ground.

I see a lot of potential in the microcap space. If the regulators though get their act together, and the Registration A+ gets passed this year, we are going to see a LOT of activity start in the crowdfunding space. I still am not sure about the regulation side, and how efficient these startups are going to be at keeping clean and organized books.


TechCityNews - DLPM Development Capital Group


Content from Tech City News:

What’s the story behind Development Capital Group (or DLPM)?

I was looking to raise about $2m for one of the the projects I was working on, and while in discussions with a small group of my friends I was immediately connected to an investor who knew the public markets and thought it would be a good way for me to raise the capital that was needed.

After further research, by talking to Angel Investors and traditional connected Venture Capitalists, I saw the public markets, particularly the microcap area, as a very advantageous way to raise capital for some of the interesting technology projects I was developing.

After seeing how we could raise capital to build new technology which could be very scalable, it reminded me how an incubator functions, and gave me the idea to approach investors with the concept of it being a publicly traded incubator. This way they are not just investing in me, they are investing in multiple ideas that other people like myself can build into innovative businesses.

How did you get involved with investing in startups?

I started my first company at 22, it was an on-campus tech company based at Florida State University called “The Tech Shop”.

I was still at university, and I put every penny I had into it, including some borrowed money from friends and family. Later, I ended up doing a startup that I grew from my laptop, which grew revenue from $0 to $1.8m in about 16 months.

What’s the difference between a normal tech accelerator where investors invest a small amount of funding for a high amount of equity, and DLPM?

In most tech startups where you hear about incubations where they may have received funding from an Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist, the investors want the startup to get into an IPO where the investor anticipates making a huge amount of profit on their investment.

There are so many horror stories where the founder of an early stage investments brings the company to a successful IPO and the founder only walks away with $36k.

Our theory is, come completely into our company, we issue you shares that are part of our public company, and we invest the money and resources to grow the company which also grows the value of the shares.

Seeing as DLPM is a publicly traded company, can I or any member of the public invest in Development Capital Group?

Yes. Our company Development Capital Group, has the ticker DLPM. Its as simple as opening up an Etrade account and buying shares in our company like you would facebook or any other big tech company.

The real difference in buying shares of DLPM, is that although there is risk, we are a company with pool of tech startups that could possibly turn into the next Facebook.

Because, DLPM trades right now under a $1, its pretty easy for the average person to buy our shares of stock versus something like Apple or Google that trade over $500 per share.

You liken DLPM to crowdfunded investment, doesn’t that mean every public stock is crowd funded?

Investing privately in a company as a Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor typically requires you to be accredited and have a net worth of over $1 million dollars. The reason is because they don’t want you to invest the $5k you need to pay your mortgage into some high risk startup.

Crowdfunding is allowing people to participate in these private deals that usually are only limited to Venture Capitalist or angel Investment Groups.

This is the closest you can get to a proper crowdfunding platform for equity ownership as you can get right now.

There are things changing around the crowdfunding space which will open up many more opportunities to all different types of investors. Ultimately, having a market place in general where an investor can see the market price of their equity in a company, and then having a platform to sell such equity into the market, is important to grow either a private or public company.

Doesn’t being a publicly traded startup mean that the company has to make all their decisions publicly and waste time filing with the SEC when they could be moving faster as a private company?

Being public allows investors to make sure the company is doing their due diligence and are being accountable for their finances. A privately held startup may be burning capital inefficiently through faulty allocations of their funding.

So like anything, there are the pros and cons, and yes, you have to be completely transparent in reporting with the SEC, but I personally think being public allows the company to raise millions of dollars after the company has proven its metrics in a business that has been incubated, allowing us to grow at a faster pace than if DLPM were privately held.

For a startup, What’s the benefit of going with DLPM, versus going with one of the Silicon Valley accelerators like 500 Startups or yCombinator?

If a startup is approved to come into DLPM, it’s because all of the other companies in our portfolio some how bring value to the startup, and the startup will bring value to all the other companies.

DLPM is structured to raise as much money as needed without investors being stuck with illiquid stock, or waiting to make profit someday, or some IPO that a larger Venture firm is holding in which the founders will ultimately be diluted.

There are many technical reasons why our process for growth with DLPM as a startup can be a better option than what “traditional” technology startups have chosen before, but it depends on the goals of the founders.

Where do you see DLPM in 5 year’s time?

When you create teams like we have, you can colonize mars, and that’s why people like Elon Musk are proving that as the recipe for success. Its not so much as the output as it is the input, therefore, if the input is good, then the output should always exceed expectations. So we will see.

How can a startup get in front of you?

A simple Google search can give you a hundred ways to contact me.

Hermione Way will be starting a fortnightly column called ‘Letters from Silicon Valley’ later this month.

Playing around with Google Search results

I originally did this as a joke to play around with the rankings on Google.

I still have not done much with this website since I am very busy on most of the other projects I am doing, but I decided instead of just posting it on my Facebook (which is more active then my person website) I would actually post it on here also for the people who do search for me.

This year (2012) I do plan on organizing everything that I do, travel, business start ups etc, to all run through this website.

I am currently overdoing the website (again) and it should be wrapped up no later than a month from now. So.. stay tuned :)



How to set up a Corporation in 10 min – Florida LLC


Ok, one of the first things people ask me with a surprise look is “You have your own company?”  Yes, it is not hard to setup a company; it’s the easiest part of the American Dream.

I have been asked numerous times, and I explain that it is very easy to setup a company. Unfortunately, I have set up many, some worked out, some have not. One company I actually created the corporate documents, federal required number, and opened up the bank account while waiting for my plane in Dusseldorf, Germany. Meanwhile, our German company, a GmbH that we have been processing for two months still doesn’t have its final bank account, but this is about the American corporate structures and how to set one up in Florida, not about the flaws in the German business system.

First you may want to read over the difference in a LLC versus S Corp, you can do that here:

I personally recommend an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). LLCs are very flexible and can be filed in many ways in the future. See a tax accountant, or do your own research, but don’t create any excuses to keep you from moving forward.

After that, its three easy things:

  1. File Articles of Organization
  2. Get an Employer Identification Number
  3. Open business account

First you need to file your Articles of Organization under the company. This elects who is liable for the company, who is managing it, etc. If it’s a simple company you are creating (one owner LLC) it only takes about three min to do this via the web.

Do it the old school way, fill this out by hand: ($125)

Or do it online now: (same price, via credit card)

Second you need to get you Employer Identification Number (EIN). The EIN number is required to open up the bank account. This is what you get for taxes of that company, or if you hire people, etc.

After you get your Corporation documents, you can go file for the EIN on the IRS website.

Get your EIN number here:

Congrats, you now have a corporation. This took 10 min to do.

Third, make the bank account. Now you have your corporation filed with the State. You have your EIN number filed with the IRS. With both of these documents, you can go to a local bank and open an account. I personally recommend Bank of America, because of their mobile application and they have fast wire transfers.

In a week or two, you should have your new company account created, your checks with your company name, your personal bankcard for your company, etc.

Now, while this was processing, hopefully you started getting business cards, flyers, emails, websites, etc setup for the company.

For more information or questions, drop me a message or post a comment.

Pill to a Genius – Limitless 2011

“I wanted walk, move, digest, ingest; There are moments in life, moments when you know you crossed a bridge. Your old life is over“ Limitless 2011


This is a quote from a movie called Limitless with Bradley Cooper. It really motivates me, I can sit and skim through the movie and see parts that make me continue and hold on to those moments I have felt in life. Those moments where you know your old life is over.

Some of the best feelings I have had is when you know you have just crossed a pivotal point in your life, where you know what you just passed, will leave you as a new person.

I have felt this a couple times in my life and it is actually the best feeling I have ever had and the most addictive feeling to me in the world.


A little of my history:

My Grand Father had a very active brain. He was a treasure hunter, pilot, scuba instructor, has had probably about 10 businesses easily in his life. He currently has a hotel in the number one scalloping place in the world, and has raced Yachts where he was banned from participating in that race because they thought he cheated. We use to say he was the real life “Most interesting man in the world”.

He also has been in many odd situations, some legal, some illegal, and some even working with the government that were illegal as well. He is a great man, and really is a genius. He has had multiple inventions, and has assisted in some of the most remarkable underwater discoveries to date.


My Father, has been a scuba instructor, treasure hunter, insect (bug) man, pilot, commercial building inspector, mold inspections, insurance auditor, and blue plans examiner. He has a bunch of other licenses and approvals and is now going to become a pilot instructor (our new idea).

I would have to actually talk to them for hours to get a good list of everything they have completed, but I can tell you that, by no means do my father or his father slow down to focus on their projects. They are always thinking of new ideas or solutions to change or better what they do.


Back to me:

So, genetically speaking, I know that somewhere in my blood is a chemical composition that makes me want to achieve as much as I can and as fast as I can. I have sat awake at night with thoughts pouring into my head. Ideas I could not stop that kept me awake.

When people approach me with an idea, I tend to brainstorm and take it apart, and by the end of it I have a thousand more ideas to make it work or streamline the process. My brain seems to never slow down and likes to analyze things. Sometimes this drives me crazy because I can’t take a vacation from it.

What I am trying to do is take the very active mind that has been passed to me, but try to apply it to business. I am in love with the feeling of accomplishment, not the regular accomplishment that a regular job typically provides, but the type that is life altering. The one where you know what you did will ultimately change you or everyone you know.

I have always heard “Humans only use a small percentage of the brain. That Albert Einstein actually used an extra 3% based on tests and that is what made him smarter.”

I like to research things I hear typically before I repeat rumors, or urban myths. I looked into some research and read that we actually do use 100% of our brain; we just don’t typically use it all at once. So the saying that we don’t may actually be false.

It feels good though to think that you only use 10% an that the other 90% could be some type of secret untapped resource of brain power. People would respond to that saying with things like “Yeah, the other 90% could be telekinesis, or mind control, or something else”. I do though know my brain acts differently sometimes. When I take lots caffeine, it tends to make my mind focus on things and act faster.

In the movie Limitless, he takes a pill and has him using 100% of his brain all the time. This would be an awesome thing personally if it had no side effects, and would also allow me to sleep.

I just wanted to post up this movie, so you can watch a good movie, and think,”If I had a drug that would make me use 100% of my brain, would I use it?”

It is a very good movie because that’s how I feel some days with lots of caffeine, and I think the move is a little under rated.

Here is the preview:

Keys to success – Quotes of Dennis Crowley

I watched a video today (at the bottom of the article) about Dennis Crowley (@dens) who is the co-founder of Foursquare and I wanted to go further into detail about what he was talking about during his convocation speech to the 2011 Syracuse School of Information Studies.

I currently have not been too much into Foursquare, but after listening to Dennis Crowley’s speech and seeing how he is passionate about his business model and about his beliefs in success, I now have a newfound respect for him and his company from how I have felt in my experiences.

He spoke about his last 10 years, and how he had been through failure, but has always been passionate about what he is doing currently. He spoke about how he did not achieve success right away and how he has failed many times throughout the past 10 years.

I too have been through many ups and downs of entrepreneurialism, and I wanted to share some of the things I have learned that I believe are the keys to success which Dennis touched on in his speech.

You can be anything you want when you grow up.

He talked about how his mother taught him this at a young age, and how it changes as you get older and no one revisits that question. The interesting thing though is that if you watch trends, you tend to see some of the most successful entrepreneurs don’t even start until later in life. It’s interesting to see people work a 9-5 job for 10-20 years then finally get into the entrepreneur lifestyle.

I remember sitting in class 3 months before graduating college, and my teacher was making me create this website (my online resume at the time), and said “Joey, you have to have an online resume, you have to show what you can do or you will never get a job.” I laughed on the inside at the moment, and I said to her “I never want a job though, I work for myself I have three people working for me currently. I hope to grow this into a big company.” She looked at me kind of in disbelief, but later found out two of the people in the class did work for me and I had company on campus. I started out just wanting to do an IT company, and have always wanted to be very successful in IT. One thing I realized over time is that you can be anything you want though and now I see so much more to the world then just limiting it to the technology sector.

One of the main questions I ask people “If I gave you 2 million dollars and you never had to worry about money again, what would you do?” Typically you hear a couple answers like, “live on a beach”, “Move to Europe”, etc; but sooner or later, you will see the realization kick in. What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money? You would typically work in an industry or a job, or create your own job, or work on a hobby the rest of your life. No one wants money; money is useless. You don’t want the money; you want the access to do what you love. That is where a real business plan starts, where you find out how to create your passion into something that you can do the rest of your life, which can support yourself and possibly a family doing.

This brings you to another topic he discusses,

Do what you love and the rest will follow

This is something that people tend to not understand until after they retire, or they get enough money to get away, or figure out how to change what they love into what they do for a living (which is typically 10-20 years after working a 9-5). If you love something, and you can figure out how to make it into a profitable system that you can actually live off of, then you are never working, you are living. You would enjoy every moment of work while others complain about theirs. If you do what you love, sooner or later you will find a way to make it work for you.

I personally love what I do. I help people build businesses, and when they succeed, I get to look back and see the mark we left on the world. I know, no matter what, that I have helped someone in someway further the reality of making his or her dream closer to a reality.

Sometimes those realities change, and that’s why he said this,

You can always pivot

The reality is that in business the best thing to do is Pivot. What you are today is not what you were 10 years ago, or will be in 10 years. This truth holds true for most businesses. One thing I heard which is very true is that most successful businesses do not make their profits on what they were traditionally setting out to do. In order to stay successful and to maintain with the shifts or trends in the market, you need to make sure you and your companies make these pivot changes. Think about a company that only made blackberry cases or a company that only programmed for the windows platforms. These companies would be losing market shares, and would be losing them very fast.

I try to analyze these trends, see where the markets are going and figure out what’s the best method for the company to start before the shift. The company sometimes does not adapt to pivot changes because the key decision maker is stuck in their ways or has not been focused on the market and only on the company operations. There are all kinds of variables on why the company has not changed, but these are all isolated situations.

Sometimes not making the change though may lead to failure, or even lead you to another market. One thing he said that people have to take to heart though is,

Everything happens for a reason

Everything absolutely happens for a reason. Sometimes we do not see it until later in life where we sit back and laugh at something that may have seemed to cause pain, or thank our selves for the change that arose from what happened.

I have looked at all of my “Failures” as lessons learned. Sometimes, the only true knowledge that we attain is through failure. I typically believe we learn more through failure than we do through success. I do not really refer to it as “Failure” as I tend to call it a “set back”.

I remember one time when my sister “DolFan Jill” had a kick off party to start her new business that she has been doing now for a year. She was expecting a larger turn out, spent a lot of money on an event, and was hoping to see more come from the event than what did. She looked at it and said, “Maybe I should give up”. I told her “If in football, they lost their first game and said ‘OK, we lost, seasons over, lets go home and quit’ they would never go forward and win a championship.” She understood what I said because it related to her, and she is still successfully running the business today. You cannot let what some people call “a failure” effect you, when it is only a temporary set back. Instead, you take from that set back and you decide how to avoid it next time.

Everything happens for a reason. We just have to learn from the bad, cherish the good, and keep our chins up. When I have been at my lowest point in life I did not shed a tear, instead, I smiled and laughed. I actually looked at my life and said, “It can’t get any worse, and it only gets better from here”

Either you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach a man to Google

This comes from the saying “Either you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

Teaching you how to search will feed you and your mind for a lifetime.

I have been in many situations where people come to me and ask me questions that can be simply answered by searching for it. I remember when I was being interviewed in college I was asked, “What would you do if you did not know the answer to something?” The typical person would answer, “Ask my supervisor?” but if you know how to solve most issues on your own then you know how to search for the solutions. I responded with “Google it”, and that answer helped me land a very good job at the time.

The reality is that most of your questions can be searched for; and the most important skill that a person can have is to know how to find the proper answers.

When I was in college I read a book called Google Hacking for Penetration Testers

This book was published in 2005, and gave me an upper hand above most people in my major. While many people in my major couldn’t even built a website, I was extracting contact information for key people in industries I wanted to get in to. I actually sat in my class and showed my teacher how a security hole in our network allowed me to pull up social security numbers of students sitting in the class from Google search results.

There are a lot of tools out there that people can use to find good creditable information. A lot of these tools though will make your search inquires change from a shotgun to a sniper rifle allowing you to target what you are searching for with a lot better accuracy.

    1. One of my MOST favorite things to use on Google is the advance operators, when you use these, you will figure out hundreds of ways to focus your search inquires:


    1. Google Scholar Search, you can search books, abstracts, articles, now even patents:


    1. Froogle Its still on but its Google’s product search engine. People call me all the time and say “Joey, is this a good computer to buy?” Instead of asking me, just “Froogle” the model number and you will know the average cost. From here, you can figure out if the price you are paying is really a good deal or a rip off.


    1. Google Labs – is a place that has grown so much since its initial launch. Google Labs tends to have a lot of the new projects that Google is working on. This is where you will find a lot of things before they are launched publicly.


After you have learned some of the more advance things you can do in Google, you will find that you can pull up some interesting information. Here are some examples:

Type in Google: site:gov filetype:pdf secret

This would tell google to search .gov websites (government websites) for PDF documents containing the word Secret. Maybe you will find information on UFOs, you never know.

Another fun one,

Type in google: site:edu filetype:xls “SSN”

This tells it, any edu (education) websites, that have an xls (excel document) extension, that has the keyword SSN (social security number) in it.

These are some of the more “malicious” ways of searching, but I like to use it sometimes for things like and I like to see how the search engines are crawling your website. These are things I will discuss in other articles, but knowing the advance operators allows you to do some very good research and find data you are looking for faster.

Learning to search for the information you need to know or have questions about is very important. Also knowing when to believe what you read is very important as well. Here are some other websites that are good to have written down as credible sources to learn things at.

Sometimes you want to make sure it has source links or citations just to verify the information: – Everyone uses this one – Good to find or get answers to questions – Best website to question a myth or email that comes in – Great to find out the real how to on something – has some pretty good articles

Hopefully you spend a little bit of time doing some research on how to properly search. This is the most important thing I personally have learned that has allowed me to find out all kinds of new things. By learning new things, you may discover a new way for you to help yourself or others solve problems.

Find The Best Guy Ever

How to find the best guy ever…. most of this is in satire.

I am actually writing this just for kicks (Because I like to be found on the Googles), so please don’t take this serious.

I am writing this for the ladies, so they can find someone like me, the best guy ever ;)

Here is the fluff:

1. The best guy doesn’t just sit around on the couch and talk about his glory days of football and women. The guy has to be a go getter, he has to have more goals in his life than just “make money” or “hustle” like most cheeseballs say they are doing. He has lots of energy to dedicate to the important things in life. This brings me to the next one…

2. Like the purple elephant in the room, a good guy really sticks out, has life goals and doesn’t slow down until he achieves them. He will basically NOT stop until he achieves these dreams.

They say, insane is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, well he has to have positve results. Its cute to have dreams, but its the title “Best Guy Ever” you achieve as you surpass these goals. In order to not just be “on the grind” a good guy has to show results… His purpose is to succeed at his dreams and thats why…

3. A great guy doesn’t just talk… actions speak louder than words, this particular guy’s actions speak novels. Never judge him based on what he tells you. Have a little faith at first, but test that faith by seeing if he follows through and delivers. The best guys out there won’t just talk non sense. Their is a purpose when they speak… if they speak to much, that may be an issue and a red flag.

4. The best guy ever would be a good listener, he would memorize every word you say. When a person has to constantly remind you of WHY he is the best guy ever, then he is trying to cover up the real fact that he is not the person he is trying to show you (you see that?). An example is when someone has to say “I am not a liar”, because they are typically lying. When someone says “I am not unorganized, I am OCD.” They are over emphasizing what they are not; they are trying to sell you on something that they are not. The best guy ever would not over talk, he would listen, and he would not have to explain why he is the best guy ever.

5. The best guy ever will win over your whole family with out even saying a word. He will just look at them, and the family will approve. If you broke up with this guy, your family would disown you, just to keep him around. (True story)

A good guy doesn’t need finger guns and one liners to make the family love him. He would just be relaxed, calm, and discuss interest the family and he was interested in. The cool thing about being the best guy ever… is that everything you talk about, is interesting.

Now that you know some traits the best guys ever have, you may want to know HOW to FIND the best guy ever.


There are two options:

1. Google “Find the best guy ever”, date who ever Google recommends.

2. Read a series of qualifiers, that we will call ” 8 Qualifiers of the best guy ever ”


8 Qualifiers of the best guy ever:

1. You can not meet the best guy ever in a club, bar, or any other borderline adults only venue.

2. The best guy ever will have over 10 percents of your total friends on facebook or real life in common.
(easier to count on FB) for the slow people ( you have 1000 friends on FB, he should have at least 100 in common).

3. Your parents have to approve of him, and your siblings should actually be able to hang out with him WITHOUT your company, and they can even hang as friends.

4. Open the door for him, if is the best guy ever he will try to grab it from you. If so, he is a generous man and cares about you.

5. The best guy ever will not mind leaving the phone laying around on loud near you. (Better yet, really test him, swap phones for a day)

6. The best guy ever can make a suggestion for things to do, food to eat, or new drinks to try and blow you away. He would be able to analyze you and figure out what you would like. He would be more thoughtful and keen to your interests.

7. For you to be the best guy ever would try to do sweet nothings, cute notes, poetry, flowers, etc, because your on his mind and he likes to remind you. These come with time, not the second date, so be realistic :)

8. He would make an effort to contact you. The best guy ever doesn’t play the “wait 24 hours” game. He knows that good things are meant to last, but are hard to get, and quickly gone; so he acts fast.

Below is a good example of what the best guy ever would be for you ladies, watch the video :)

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