About Joey!

I started my first company at the age of 22 while in college. By the age of 24 I started my first international business. At the age of 26 I bought my first house cash by analyzing the housing market with one of the applications I was developing. I invested in and developed over 10 startups. One of my passionate projects was a music app called Tunebash which we grew to 60k users in 90 days, having it trend in Italy and the Philippines. Soon after, my real estate idea was funded if I agreed to run a publicly traded company. By 29, I was running a publicly traded company and had a solid team of developers. Today I am 32 and have attained a vast knowledge in business and technology and want to continue to grow. I am currently advising startups, learning new products like Raspberry Pi, Microsoft IoT, Pen Testing with Kali Linux, and doing web development for clients. I am always looking for a solid team to join on a new adventure.


Because I have created over 15 startups, ran a publicly traded company, experienced some good partners, some horrible, and have had to deal with investors and investor relations, I have learned a lot about business. Through the struggle and failures I have learned more about business through practice than most MBAs. Not just have I learned business but with every startup and with technology evolving, there are new applications, new programming languages, new techniques for growth, and many more things that are always increasing your technical skills.

Being an entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats. You also have to learn to adapt fast and adopt new technologies or you will end up drowning. Here is a list of some technologies I have learned to grow with as time has passed by.

I put the programming position on the back burner and focused more on Project Management, allowing me to direct the projects and company better. I've had to refocus on researching the proper technology to integrate while guiding the team of developers. Over the past five years, we have been increasing our integration of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which stitches all of this data together into a cohesive application or product. APIs are a key to expanding fast into new vertical industries. The reason why clients value me, is because I understand the technology, but I see it through the eyes of a business owner.


Business Development and Advisor
100% Complete
Wordpress - Web Development
60% Complete
Search Engine Optimization
60% Complete
Windows Server Platforms
40% Complete
Growth Hacking
95% Complete
Linux - Ubuntu, Kali, Raspbian, Knoppix
30% Complete
Project Management
85% Complete
Mail Chimp - Email Campaigns
60% Complete
80% Complete
95% Complete
Networking - Sonic Firewalls, Cisco Switches, Routers, VoIP, QoS
60% Complete
Salesforce CRM (And other CRMS)
40% Complete
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