Pill to a Genius – Limitless 2011

“I wanted walk, move, digest, ingest; There are moments in life, moments when you know you crossed a bridge. Your old life is over“ Limitless 2011


This is a quote from a movie called Limitless with Bradley Cooper. It really motivates me, I can sit and skim through the movie and see parts that make me continue and hold on to those moments I have felt in life. Those moments where you know your old life is over.

Some of the best feelings I have had is when you know you have just crossed a pivotal point in your life, where you know what you just passed, will leave you as a new person.

I have felt this a couple times in my life and it is actually the best feeling I have ever had and the most addictive feeling to me in the world.


A little of my history:

My Grand Father had a very active brain. He was a treasure hunter, pilot, scuba instructor, has had probably about 10 businesses easily in his life. He currently has a hotel in the number one scalloping place in the world, and has raced Yachts where he was banned from participating in that race because they thought he cheated. We use to say he was the real life “Most interesting man in the world”.

He also has been in many odd situations, some legal, some illegal, and some even working with the government that were illegal as well. He is a great man, and really is a genius. He has had multiple inventions, and has assisted in some of the most remarkable underwater discoveries to date.


My Father, has been a scuba instructor, treasure hunter, insect (bug) man, pilot, commercial building inspector, mold inspections, insurance auditor, and blue plans examiner. He has a bunch of other licenses and approvals and is now going to become a pilot instructor (our new idea).

I would have to actually talk to them for hours to get a good list of everything they have completed, but I can tell you that, by no means do my father or his father slow down to focus on their projects. They are always thinking of new ideas or solutions to change or better what they do.


Back to me:

So, genetically speaking, I know that somewhere in my blood is a chemical composition that makes me want to achieve as much as I can and as fast as I can. I have sat awake at night with thoughts pouring into my head. Ideas I could not stop that kept me awake.

When people approach me with an idea, I tend to brainstorm and take it apart, and by the end of it I have a thousand more ideas to make it work or streamline the process. My brain seems to never slow down and likes to analyze things. Sometimes this drives me crazy because I can’t take a vacation from it.

What I am trying to do is take the very active mind that has been passed to me, but try to apply it to business. I am in love with the feeling of accomplishment, not the regular accomplishment that a regular job typically provides, but the type that is life altering. The one where you know what you did will ultimately change you or everyone you know.

I have always heard “Humans only use a small percentage of the brain. That Albert Einstein actually used an extra 3% based on tests and that is what made him smarter.”

I like to research things I hear typically before I repeat rumors, or urban myths. I looked into some research and read that we actually do use 100% of our brain; we just don’t typically use it all at once. So the saying that we don’t may actually be false.

It feels good though to think that you only use 10% an that the other 90% could be some type of secret untapped resource of brain power. People would respond to that saying with things like “Yeah, the other 90% could be telekinesis, or mind control, or something else”. I do though know my brain acts differently sometimes. When I take lots caffeine, it tends to make my mind focus on things and act faster.

In the movie Limitless, he takes a pill and has him using 100% of his brain all the time. This would be an awesome thing personally if it had no side effects, and would also allow me to sleep.

I just wanted to post up this movie, so you can watch a good movie, and think,”If I had a drug that would make me use 100% of my brain, would I use it?”

It is a very good movie because that’s how I feel some days with lots of caffeine, and I think the move is a little under rated.

Here is the preview:

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