Miami Dream Cars

Lamborgini Fort Lauderdale Florida - Exotic Car Startup

Miami Dream Cars was an exotic rental car company that I started with a business partner in 2011. My thought process was that with so many people in Miami that own exotic cars, why not let those become an asset instead of a liability. At the time “Access over Ownership” was a new concept, Uber was not out either. Today, people would call it “the Uber of exotic cars”. We were making about $4500 a month income to the car owner per month, which made it a very viable business, but it was near impossible to get an insurance company to underwrite the policy, so I pulled the plug. We had lots of parties and were #1 on Google for Miami Ferrari Rental.

Miami Dream Cars - Exotic Car Rental Company in Florida


We threw parties, brought out our cars, and gave out Tshirts with our branding. We supplied all the exotic cars for the TV show Shark Tank during their second season premiere in Miami. We actually lent the Ferrari to Shark Daymond for a week to create that relationship with him and Miami Dream Cars. The business idea was a good one. Today there is to much competition in the area.


Miami Dream Cars - Miami Ferarri Rental

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